What a week!

Without a shadow of a doubt this has been the worst week of my life!

Last Friday we went for our 4 weekly check up with the only fear of ‘what if the liver has moved up?’ well, it hasn’t, it is still where it should be! Instead we had a new development, baby’s head is now slightly ‘strawberry shaped’. A strawberry shaped head is a strong marker for Trisomy 18 (as are the CDH and kidney issues) that is 3 markers now for Trisomy 18. Trisomy 18 is a chromosome disorder where instead of having 2 of chromosome number 18 there are 3, the condition is usually referred to as being ‘incompatible with life’. Very few babys survive longer than 24 hours, if that, so basically it would be the end of the road…

We decided that we couldn’t leave that hanging over us and needed definite answers so we would go for the amnio, I would ring up on Monday and book it… completely bottled it Monday! so rang up Tuesday… “luckily” they had had a cancellation the next day.

So, there we were Wednesday morning, absolutely crapping myself, frantically practicing self hypnosis techniques that Sophie Fletcher has taught me so I could keep calm! “You will feel a little scratch” says Dr Alex… I feel a little scratch… “you will feel another little scratch” … OOF!!! Dr Alex plunges a dagger into my gut! … sorry, inserts a very fine needle into my uterus that felt just like a blood test… hmm.

We didn’t have to wait long for the results, 48 hours but it has felt like a bloody lifetime! And the good news is that they have come back clear for the 3 biggies including Trisomy 18!! Google ‘strawberry shaped head’ and see the pages and pages of Trisomy 18 websites that come up and you will see why I was so scared! … I know I shouldn’t Google… but I have to!!

The full results aren’t back for another 2 weeks and there is a slight chance of chromosome issues that cannot be picked up before birth, but I’m sure he said something like 95% are the 3 biggies, the Trisomys and they have been ruled out, thank goodness!

We also got a sneaky 3D look at him!


“He looks well pissed off! Just like me… I don’t need a DNA test now!”

- Daddy            



  1. Bloody hell!! I’m so relieved for you…things sound better.
    Just can’t imagine your fear.
    You’re both very brave.
    Love the 3D photo.
    Lots of love and best wishes.xxx

  2. What a time you are all having! Fred bump is certainly leading you on a merry dance! And me – I’ve been sick with worry all week waiting to hear what happened at the scan, etc. Still, it does seem to be good news. Must have taken a lot of worry away for you all. This could be a sign of things to come – he’s going to be trouble with a capital T. Looks like a slap head that I know very well! Anyway, good news to tell the family and we send all our love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    love and miss you all Mum xxxxxxxxxxx
    p.s. he looks really contented in there.

  3. So glad you have got good news…..what a scary time it must of been for you! Be keeping everything crossed for the full results! xx

  4. Beth & Colin says:

    So pleased to hear good news :)
    Sending lots of love and hugs xxx

  5. in the scale of things my worries about HF spinal surgery is nothing – you are all in our thoughts x

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