Meeting the Surgeon


Yesterday we met with one of the surgeons at QMC. We thought he had the look of a mad professor about him, which can only be a good sign! I’ve never met a stupid mad professor… Ok I’ve never met a mad professor but you see them on the telly…

Anyway, he sat in on a scan with us so that he could see what is going on, he too agreed that he thought the liver was still in baby’s abdomen. He said weeks 22-28 were critical for baby’s lung development so if the liver stays down during that time it would be a positive. He also said it was looking like the right kidney was looking ok, the left still looks a little dodgy but it is a good sign that only one looks affected.

As things stand at the moment we are at the positive end of the spectrum with a 70% good outcome, however this can change and the major thing is how the baby copes once he is out… this is something that nobody can predict and a major factor. It could be a lot worse though.

We are back at QMC on the 15th March to see the consultant and he has sorted it for us to have the MRI that day also at QMC, to save us the trip to Sheffield. He will then send the images to them to get the results… no sneaking to Meadowhall on the way back then, hey ho I guess it will save some pennies!


  1. Hi, just wanted to say I’m pretty sure the surgeon you met was mr Davies at QMC, he operated on our daughter when she was 8 weeks old. He is amazing and I think you are in very very good hands. Good luck for the future, I will be following your story and rooting for you and your little boy xxxx

    • It was indeed Mr Davies, you are the second one to have recognised him from my description hehe! Thank you for your kind and reassuring words it means a lot xxx

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