36 weeks…

Another update! I am rubbish at blogging so will backtrack a couple of weeks…

34 weeks… We decided to go for the amnio reduction as fluid levels had reached 41cm (normal around 12) they were hoping to drain off 1500mls of fluid via a big syringe, as it happened it turned out to be a complete fail :( It wasn’t our usual doc and this one seemed very nervous like she didn’t want to do it and was fannying around no end, numbing up 2 different areas whilst deciding where to put the needle in… eventually choosing the area which hadn’t yet numbed. The end result was me having my very first panic attack at 350mls! Not great when you have a massive needle a few inches from your unborn baby… so I made her take it out. If we were going to find a positive in all this then it would be that 10 mins later a bus drove past and its tyre burst! Sounded like a bomb going off… rather glad I didn’t have a massive needle in my gut at that moment, almost hit the bloody ceiling!

I had to stay in overnight for monitoring and to make sure I didn’t go into labour, every few hours the midwives came round to attach me to their machine to check baby’s heartbeat and that I wasn’t having contractions… Dear Master Donnison soon gained a reputation for being a little sod!! 20 minutes of continuous heartbeat was all they asked for… no chance! He kept clearing off every time they found him, just wouldn’t stay still… and then when we thought we were doing well he would get the sodding hiccups! which did sound hilarious but it was louder than the heartbeat so completely messed the trace up!

Since we are now at 36 weeks you can safely presume I didn’t go into labour! We had a scan yesterday… fluid is now at 46cm, the consultant said the highest he has ever seen, hmm joy. This doesn’t affect baby just makes me very very uncomfortable… especially now that his estimated weight is at 6lbs 4oz!  We worked out that I have the equivalent of a 3l party pack of cider and 3 bags of sugar resting on my bladder. Ouch! Have yet to reach for the Tenna ladies so all is well in that department… for now!

You may have noticed that time is cracking on and the end is nigh… we have an induction date, if he hasn’t made a sudden arrival beforehand then I will be induced on the 1st July (subject to a NICU cot being available) … 2 weeks on Monday…. AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!



  1. Two weeks Monday that’s very exciting. Will be thinking about your you and your lil man.

    I had an attempted amniocentesis at around 20 weeks and my little sod wouldn’t allow them to take any fluid. He kept moving and blocking the entry site of the needle! Needless to say it was a failed attempted after being jabbed about 5 times which I didn’t like at all. Strangely I whistled to block my mind from the pain :)

  2. Told you he was going to be an awkward little beggar! Just like his Dad! All in Dundee send love and best wishes to you both and you know you are all in my thoughts every day. My love to you all and my bonnie wee laddie xxxx

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